Channel 2 completed a survey on Facebook asking viewers to pinpoint the worst areas to drive in around Anchorage. Most agreed that the roundabout at Dowling and New Seward leaves many drivers in a sweat over the confusion and risk of injury.

“The ridiculous roundabout at Dowling and New Seward,” wrote Johnny Mabry. “I’ve seen more collisions there thanks to it’s goofy, nonsensical layout, than any other intersection in this city. I’ve personally sacrificed a side view mirror to the moron DOT gods thanks to a driver next to me realizing he was in the wrong lane at the last minute.”

There were many other noted areas including:

Elmore and Coventry
Elmore Rd extension
88th Avenue & Arlene

The Department of Transportation noted that they receive about 3 complains a week about other areas in need of renovation. These areas could result in minor to major collisions and require heavy repair. Chaz Limited Collision Express specializes in automobile accidents to repair the structure of your vehicle into a state of like – new.  Our services enlist auto body painting, body repair, scratches, and dents to bring your automobile back to life. No matter what has happened to your car, we can mend it. Chaz also works with insurance companies to get your repair estimates quoted without any hassle or bother to you. We will assess the damage of your vehicle and apply integrity in getting you a fair bargain with your claims specialist.

Once the initial meeting has explained what will occur under our maintenance, our mechanics and specialists work with precision and care to renew every detail that needs attention.  We employ a program called the Customer Service Index in order to ensure that every customer is treated with the same respect and speed that you desire. It is our goal to innovate our CSI in order to satisfy what customers needs may be, adjust with feedback and concerns.

Preventative measures can be taken in order to minimize the risk of collision. Know the roads before you go, the stops, the speeds, and anything that may impair you from driving at the safest. With winter around the corner, these hazards will only double in risk.

These areas in Anchorage are dangerous no doubt. We hope to see changes from the DOT in order to prevent these instances of uncertainty in safety.

Safe driving!

– The Chaz Crew