The Environmental Protection Agency passed 6H, a rule that restricts and monitors how body shop owners use paint stripping chemicals and complete news finishes with dangerous chemicals. The EPA aims to reduce hazardous pollution of metals consisting of chrome, lead, cadmium, manganese and nickel, while reducing methylene chloride fumes from refinishes.

Under this new measure, painters are now required to utilize a paint booth with a 98% efficient filtration system, and an “HVLP (High Volume/Low Pressure) spray gun and that you can’t use a solvent to clean the gun.” It also states that the “painter must be properly trained and must have completed or be undergoing a continuing five-year education in auto painting. Anyone using VOC or HAP-containing paints will have had to comply by January 2010, and there is no “grandfather clause” for pre-existing paint shops or booths.”

Here are some of the new rules that Chaz Limited is complying with for all painting services in order to respect this new rule as well as help protect the environment:

• Filter technology must be installed and operated on all spray booths.

• Spray booths must be fully enclosed and ventilated at negative pressure.

• The spray booth must capture 98 percent of hazardous emissions.

• Booths that have seals on all doors and other openings and have an automatic pressure balancing system must be ventilated up to 0.05 inches water gauge positive pressure.

• Spray booths used to coat miscellaneous parts must have a full roof, three complete walls or side curtains, and be ventilated so air is drawn into the booth.

• Spray coatings must be applied with a high volume, low-pressure spray gun, electrostatic application, or an airless or air-assisted airless spray gun.

Paint spray gun cleaning to prevent atomization of hazardous materials to the air is required.

Chaz Limited continues to use DuPont, a premiere paint product to finish your automotive needs to the brand new state that you desire. Let us take care of your next revamping of your favorite vehicle. We’ll use precision, care, and follow the rules.