At Chaz Limited, we know that no one is perfect. There will be times when customers are unsatisfied with our work. There will be problems, there will be complains.

Our secret weapon to combat these issues? Doing the best job we can to resolve the problem. If a complaint gives us insight to a critical error, we can then analyze what needs to be done in order to make corrections. Getting to know what the customer wants and seeing what steps we can take to prevent these issues in the future is as good as a customer compliment.

Showing a customer that Chaz Limited goes above and beyond to listen, combined with taking action can make someone that was once angry into a person that understands you really do care about their service. When a customer views what a few people are willing to do to correct a situation, they admire the attitude and determination involved in the process. This turns an upset customer into a promoter, who will surely come back again in future instances.

Chuck Miller, CEO of Chaz Limited Collision Express, aims to ensure that his business gives Alaskan’s the best possible care they can receive in these unfortunate incidents. Customers come in from a bad situation and want to be treated with comfort and respect. They need to know they can trust the company to handle these tough situations and in the fastest turnaround time possible. Thanks to our measures, we’ve been able to prove this by our continuing expansion. Chaz now features 5 locations, with two in Anchorage, 2 in Fairbanks, and 1 shop in Wasilla.

If you ever have a problem with our services, please let us know so that we can address the situation and make things right for you. With communication and kindness, a problem can turn into a pleasant experience.

– The Chaz Crew!