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When shopping for a collision repair shop, be sure to look for a shop that takes pride in its appearance. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but a messy shop may be an indication of a lack of pride, and a lack of pride is likely to reflect in their workmanship. Most professional auto body shops will keep their office and shop clean and orderly. Carefully inspect the office first then ask to see the shop. Most shops will give you a tour if you request it but be cautious with ones that hide their shop behind policies. If the shop is messy and disorganized, you may want to keep shopping.

Be sure to look for their various licenses, permits, and certifications. All Alaska shops are required to have a state & local business license, a tax permit, an EPA certificate, and a hazardous materials permit. The better shops will be certified by I-CAR (the training standard of the industry) as a Gold Class shop. For even more professionalism, look to see if they are certified ASE mechanicss, and members of the Better Business Bureau or their local chambers of commerce.

When touring a shop, be sure to ask about their equipment. Do they have a frame rack with a computerized measuring system? A car accident can bend your frame, and a bent frame can be dangerous. Believe it or not, some body shops don’t have proper frame equipment; it not required by law. Also be sure that if they have a frame rack, that it has a computerized measuring system that can print you out a copy of the before and after results. Don’t take any chances.

Do they have a downdraft paint booth? All body shops are required by federal laws to paint in booths that filter the harmful vapors produced by paints. However, most body shops use an overhead draft system which forces the paint, as well as dust and contaminates from the floor, to vent over the vehicle. This creates unnecessary extra steps for cleaning and drastically takes away from the overall quality of the paint job. A downdraft spray booth pulls all the air from the top and forces it down to the floor, leaving your vehicle dust free afterwards.

Also, make sure that their paint booth has baking capacity. It literally takes weeks for new paint to fully cure, but to ensure the quality of the paint, the outer shell should be a hard as possible before reintroducing into the shop. If not dust and contaminates will get stuck in the new paint. Most professional shops have paint booths with baking capacities and the best shops have smart baking cycle systems. Be sure to ask or contact us at for more information.


Chaz Collision Express understands that an accident can be a very confusing and shocking experience.   Here is some great advice on what to do in the event of an auto accident whether it happens in the great state of Alaska or anywhere else.

1. STOP! Don’t make any sudden moves. Take a few moments, regain your composure. Don’t panic, the worst is over.

2. Inventory yourself, your passengers and any pedestrians or other vehicles who may have been involved in the accident. Get a quick assessment of any injuries and take basic first aid steps if needed.

3. Get everyone involved in safety. If possible, move the vehicles off the road to prevent any further hazards and turn off the vehicle to prevent fire. If possible have someone alert oncoming traffic that an accident has occurred.

4. GET HELP! Call 911 if necessary; emergency response units must be notified of any injuries.

5. Take pictures.  With the prevalence of camera phones, take some pictures before the vehicles are move to help illustrate who hit who.

6. Limit any discussion of the accident. Don’t discuss fault with anyone!  Let law enforcement review the facts. If the accident has occurred on private property and didn’t involve any injuries, you should exchange insurance and contact information with the other parties.

7. The information that should be exchanged with the other parties are: drivers names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle identification numbers, vehicle models, license plate numbers, insurance company names & policy numbers.  Also make sure to get any witness names and their contact information.

8. Have the vehicle towed to one of Chaz Collision Express five convenient locations:

Anchorage – Downtown
1801 E. 5th Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Anchorage – South
6210 Old Seward HWY.
Anchorage, Alaska 99518

Fairbanks – North
511 Harold Bentley Ave.
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Fairbanks – South
511 30th Ave.
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

1581 E. Financial Drive
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Remember Chaz Collision Express works with all insurance companies.  Our shops are your direct link with your insurance company. We will call them and help make all the arrangements to ensure that you have car is restored to mint condition. Need more information? Check out our website,  We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Chaz Collision Express is Alaska’s premier auto body repair shop. For more than 30 years Chaz Collision Express has providing Alaskans superior auto restoration services.  Whether your car needs repair as a result of a collision or because of the hard Alaska winter, remember Chaz is there to make your car look new again.  Our top of the line technicians combined with state of the art equipment and facilities makes Chaz Collision Express your go to place when you need auto body repairs or you are looking for an auto body shop .  Chaz Collision Express has five convenient locations in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Wasilla to make your life as easy as possible.

Our experts at Chaz will assist you in making the right choices when it comes to repair of your vehicle and many insurance companies trust Chaz to keep their customer happy.  Chaz Collision Express also provides free auto body shop estimates so you know what to expect without any surprises.

The staff at Chaz Collision Express wants you to make the right decisions when you need help repairing your car.  So please check back time to time as we post articles in this blog providing advice and tips about exterior vehicle maintenance, winter driving tips, and things you should  remember when selecting a car repair shop to restore your car to a “factory new finish”.  And of course we love comments and feed back, so if you ever have questions about auto body repair, auto body shops, collision centers, or just want to say hello, please email us or post a comment on our blog and we will be more than happy to respond.  We look forward to creating many new friendships across the state of Alaska.

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