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Chaz Limited began with Chuck Miller who was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. His first shop began in his own garage until he moved shop to the 30th Avenue location in Fairbanks. Since then, many more locations have sprouted, one of our biggest shops being Anchorage South, located at 6210 Old Seward Hwy.

Our auto body shops strive to deliver high customer satisfaction. When you have an unfortunate accident with your car, bring her in and we’ll give you an estimate fast. We also work with insurance agents and handle claims so that you deal with little to no stress whatsoever. Going through a wreck is enough, why go through more pain?

Chaz handles all of the problems your car or truck may face. We meet with your adjusters to ensure that everyone is on agreement of what needs to be done, at a fair price. If you have a little ding on your truck, or need a new fender, hood and windshield, we can repair or replace to your liking. No matter where you car has been damaged, Chaz specializes in finishing a job to restore a car to a brand new state. We can install brand new taillights, new windows, fenders, hoods, and more.

We paint it all: drivers hood, fender, drivercab, driver bed, down to the whole vehicle. Chose your color from our top of the line DuPont selection. We work with complete care under the 6H law to make sure your finish is not only outstanding, but environmentally safe as well.

No matter what kind of damage has been done to your car, no matter what kind of incident you find yourself in, we take care of our customers and their cars. We’ll get the job done fast, working with your insurance company to give you the outstanding service that a person deserves. You won’t find us on a BBB or a rip off report, and our years of success and expansion testify to this statement.


Chaz Limited is Alaska’s highest rated auto repair shop, accredited with I-Car status at every location, providing outstanding customer service at every turn. With the original shop set in south Fairbanks, the company proves their success by having expanded to locations in north Fairbanks, north and south Anchorage, and Wasilla.

Each store has a dedicated team with a leader who prides himself on their work in Alaskan auto repair. Working one on one with the clients, Chaz also works with claim adjusters to assess the damage of your car or truck, and give your insurance company the affordable estimate to be covered. In fact, Chaz Limited is recommended time and time again by national insurance agency State Farm, for their high customer satisfaction rates, pricing, life time warranties, and ease in claim handling. Together with State Farm, the two companies work to maintain the standards of leadership in the repair industry.

Besides the frontrunner of each store, Chaz only hires those who reflect the skills we seek in maintaining a successful business. All staff come three years versed in writing heavy collision, working with insurance companies, displaying above average customer relations in problem solving, and have a working knowledge of CCC, Ultramate, ADP estimating systems, and insurance DRP guidelines.

Chaz Limited’s services range from auto body painting, body repair, scratches, dents, accident repair, service of insurance claims, windshield repair, and more. A few reviews from Yahoo users commend Chaz Limited on their quick response from the insurance agency, wonderful experiences, and impressive speed in estimate time. “They had my initial estimate done within 30 minutes of arrival and had my car done in under a week,” says satisfied customer DC. They service all types of cars and trucks, such as Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, BMW, and Volkswagen, to name a few. Chaz also uses DuPont Automotive in all paint jobs, a reputable source for high quality, durable paint, which is both environmentally efficient and visually appealing.

Owner Chuck Miller, an ASA Accredited Automotive Manager, oversees all operations in every location, and even has his dedicated staff participate in annual I-Car training and Chief Automotive structural training. This keeps everyone in the know and top of their game, that’s why Chaz goes unrivaled in auto repair of Alaska.

Have peace of mind knowing that in the unfortunate event of malfunction, Chaz gives 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work done, as long as the vehicle remains under your name. And even if you leave from Alaska to Maine, you are covered no matter what part of the United States you go.

You won’t ever find Chaz Limited on a rip off report or a BBB listing for discrepancy of service, thanks to their quality of work, integrated with passion from certified professionals who love to repair a car as much as you love to maintain yours. As their motto states, “Restoring Peace of Mind”, this body shop is the largest in collision repair of Alaska for doing just that. Don’t let a car wreck ruin your life when Chaz Limited can solve your issues.

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